UKSM Goes To Insomnia!

7th February 2019

Is it a bit too late to say Happy New Years? Ah well… Happy New Years! And what a year we have in store…


2019 is going to be the biggest year for UKSM yet, featuring more events  at bigger and better venues than ever before. We can now proudly announce that UKSM will be attending the Insomnia Games Festival for the very first time!




Over the course of the event UKSM will be hosting four live shows on the main Insomnia stage, showing off short and impressive speedruns and races to the attending audience. While these main stage runs won’t be live streamed they will be a great way to introduce the Insomnia community to both UKSM and the UK Speedrunning community, so we’ll be handpicking some of the best runners from past UKSM events to represent us!


Not only will we be on the main Insomnia stage UKSM has a booth in the expo hall, just for us! Over the four days of the Insomnia event the Booth will be host to a number of different events, wildly differing from the normal Marathon format. On Friday we will be running a day long marathon event, just like any other UKSM in the past. But on Saturday, Sunday and Monday we’re going to be asking the runners in attendance to show off how you speedrun your games! The whole point of the partnership between UKSM and Insomnia this year is to introduce speedrunning to the wider UK gaming community, to make the hobby we all love much more accessible to the average gamer. We need people who know the ins and outs of their speed games to apply for the tutorial sessions, each one will take up around half a day at the event so you can really teach people how to go from casual gamer to speedrunning pro in your chosen game. These tutorials will, of course, also be streamed to the UKSM Twitch account and be uploaded as VoDs to the UKSM YouTube page right after the event!


As with everything we do here at UKSM, this Insomnia event will all be in aid of raising money for SpecialEffect. They are a UK based charity that try to put the fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games!

Do you want to sign up as a runner or speedrun-tutor for this year’s UKSM Insomnia event? Click here to be taken to the sign-up page!

If you’re new to the UKSM community, click the discord image below to be taken to our official Discord page!