UKSM has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Everyone attending (audience, runners and staff) are entitled to feel welcome and comfortable at the event, and so staff reserve the right to remove people from the premises after cases of verbal/physical intimidation, disruption, assault and bullying. Derogatory remarks made about race, gender identity, sex, body, religious affiliation, or gender expression are not tolerated. Each case will be dealt with accordingly.


Don’t litter. Clean up after yourself, bins will be provided at the event.


Do not bring any kind of weapon into the stream room.

Nost's Rule

Do not touch, deface or modify any cables or systems at the event, as changing about the setup can lead to runs being ended.


Do not enter the event with, or under the influence of, alcohol or illicit drugs. Smoking (including eCigs) is also banned within the premises.


Whilst commentating a run, avoid discussing polarising topics such as politics or religion. Don’t be toxic – if you know something you’re going to say will get people annoyed with you, don’t say it. Rule 1 still applies when you’re in the spotlight, and you may be disqualified from running or commentating in future events if you knowingly violate this rule.


Do not distract the runner or detract from their presence without their prior consent. Don’t be disruptive to others around you. Flash photography will not be allowed inside the stream room during a run.


All of the aforementioned rules can be summed up into: show respect for others around you, and use common sense when it comes to bringing equipment into the event. Follow these two principles, and have fun at UKSM!